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October,  2006.

DB Maker Ц A tool for processing and extracting information from a large number of text and other files.

DB Maker software is designed to extract information from files of various formats and database designs and structures. The example below will help you understand how it works:

LetТs assume you have a text file containing information about incoming orders. Suppose there are a thousand orders overall. Each item has the following information: the date of order and the customerТs last name, and first and middle names (LFM).

Converting data

Naturally, it is extremely difficult to work with the data file directly. It is always possible, of course, to decline all of the benefits afforded by progress, and instead, with calculator in hand, perform all the necessary operations and maintain records in this same text file, inserting all the data by hand. But organizing your activity this way will soon have you cursing the whole world.

It is much more effective for you to bypass all this information in the database and instead devote yourself to processing it with special tools.

And so, we create a database. We select УJohn SmithФ in the text file and copy him in the corresponding cell. Next we select the date the order was completed and copy it into another cell of our database. We will have to repeat this process a thousand times. Do you have enough nerve and strength to execute such a labor-intensive task? Now imagine for a moment that the text file also contains passport data of each customer, as well as the shipping address and some additional information. Were you able imagine doing that? After wasting your first day on such processing, John Smiths would start showing up in your nightmares.

Streamlining work

What can be done about this? How can we obtain information for processing with a specialized program and maintain the priceless nerve cells safe and whole? It is here that DB Maker comes in to help the user. A problem like the one above can be solved literally in a few seconds.

We install DB Maker, indicate the retrieval parameters (that is, we УexplainФ to the program that the information following the words Уlast name/first name/middleФ should be placed in the УcustomerФ field, while information about the order date is placed in the УdateФ fieldФ). The program processes all the remaining information automatically.

You would have to have spent many agonizing hours transferring the information, something DB Maker can do in only a few seconds.

Avoiding problems

DB Maker is a powerful tool that allows easy systemization and processing of the information stored in virtually any format. The need for similar operations arises quite often. Marketers, managers, editors, scientists, IT specialists, and even average users regularly encounter the need to work with data provided in a form that is not suitable for processing. DB Maker allows them to make their work much simpler and avoid the burdens of routine manipulations.

An example of working with DB Maker

DB Maker is easy to use, it is extremely simple to install and operate. We recommend starting your work by getting an overview of some simple examples, which are stored in in the same directory where you installed the program. You do not have to be a programmer to start a project. This can be done in just a few clicks of the mouse Ц you only have to provide identifiers for the records of the source file and the fields of the database being created. Voila! In a few seconds all the information is presented in a view that is convenient for you.

Just as easily you can transform information downloaded from the internet about currency exchange rates, you can transfer lists of debtors or sports results, process any sort of orders, make lists of visitors to a site, and much more.

To download files from the Internet we recommend the Website Extractor. With this program, you can download an entire website or just a part of it, depending on the filter parameters you establish.

Solving complex problems. Areas of application.

What can DB Maker be used for?


  • Create databases containing information about your subscribers
  • Process email
  • Retrieve and process data contained in standardized formats or subscription forms

Imagine how much energy it would take to manually convert information sent by email into a format that is convenient. Using DB Maker, you can significantly simplify processing of content coming from users.


  • Process information located on the Internet
  • Process and importation any inquiries received into the corporate system

Manual transfer of information on a web page into a database is a long and exhausting procedure, and processing incoming orders is no less difficult. DB Maker takes all the complexity connected with the conversion of data. And makes all your work A+.

  • Financial and capital markets
  • Handling real-time stock quotes
  • Regularly updated quotes

From now on, there are no agonizing procedures for transferring stock quotes and currency information in databases. DB Maker, which was designed for just these tasks, will be your faithful helper for solving such problems.


  • Process site catalogues containing information about reseller companies who are potential partners;
  • Process files containing the addresses of potential clients.

Most of you wonТt have problems involving the time-consuming transfer of necessary information from inconvenient formats. DB Maker helps you create a database that contains all the necessary data about your partners and clients. DonТt forget about the convenient tool for downloading sites Ц Website Extractor.


  • Process experimental data
  • Exchange information between systems

Accepted standard formats can differ from one research department to another. With DB Maker, you have the ability to process various data by converting them to an established text format.

The registered version also supports command line mode:

Dbmaker.exe project.dmk result.txt

where project.dmk is the retrieval parameter file, and result.txt is the name of the file with the retrieval results. It is thus possible to integrate DB Maker with other systems.

Processing XML and streaming news

DB Maker is extremely useful for processing of news feeds, examination lists and votes, and for working with XML, a format that is becoming increasingly popular.

DB Maker software is invaluable for situations where unstructured data has to be transformed into a particular structure. After transformation the output file can be processed using any program you find appropriate Ц Microsoft Excel, Mail Commander or Mailing List Deluxe.  DB Maker is convenient and a simple application that allows working with data to be significantly simplified.

Free version

Free version is available for IT review publishers. We will provide a free registration code and additional information on our company and products.

The program can be downloaded from:  https://www.internet-soft.com/download.htm

The registration fee is USD 49,95

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© 2006 InternetSoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

© 2006 InternetSoft Corporation.
All rights reserved.